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European Bioconductor Meeting 2020

Cloud platform

Live instances of the workshops can be launched in the cloud freely at

This website pulls the latest Docker image for each workshop (see below).


For each workshop, this table links to the pkgdown website, the GitHub source repository, and the Docker image.

Workshop Source Docker
iSEE: Interactive SummarizedExperiment Explorer GH Docker
Trajectory inference across conditions: differential expression and differential progression GH Docker
Seamless Integration of Mass Spectrometry Data from Different Sources with the Spectra Package GH Docker
NewWave, new R package for dimensional reduction and batch effect removal for single cell RNA-seq data GH Docker
SPEAQeasy: a Scalable Pipeline for Expression Analysis and Quantification for R/Bioconductor-powered RNA-seq analyses GH Docker
Tidy transcriptomics for bulk and single-cell analyses GH Docker
Quantitative analysis of ChiP-seq, ATAC-seq, and related DNA enrichment assays GH Docker
preciseTAD: a machine-learning framework for predicting 3D domain boundaries using functional genomic elements GH Docker
QFeatures EuroBioc2020 Workshop GH Docker
Integrating ChIP-seq and RNA-seq data in R GH Docker
Multi-omic Integration and Analysis of cBioPortal and TCGA data with MultiAssayExperiment GH Docker
Spatial Transcriptomics workflow using SpatialExperiment package GH Docker